North Highlands Storage Units

Our North Highlands storage units feature the best and the latest technology in the self-storage industry to keep your valuables safe and secure. We have custom designed our storage units to meet any and all of your storage needs. As such, whether you are interested in storing your personal possessions, household items, business items, documents or even a vehicle, our storage units will meet your needs.

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Our North Highlands Storage Units Features

With the view of offering the best product with regards to storage units, we have incorporated the latest technologies and features that a storage unit can have.

Advanced Roll Up and Swing Wide Doors - All our storage units feature a wide swing door or a roll-up door. These door systems are renowned for offering impeccable performance. While roll-up doors are generally secure, we have gone an extra mile to ensure that our doors are even much more secure. The same case applies to our wide swing doors.

Proper Insulation - Aside from using highly secure doors, our storage units are also designed to offer high-end indoor insulation. There are plenty of features that are important for any storage space. At McClellan Business Park and RV Storage Depot, we feel that storage unit insulation is among the most important. As such, you can rest assured that your possessions are well protected from the rigors extremely high or low temperatures. Therefore, you can rest assured that your possessions are preserved from mother nature’s elements

High-End Security - We take the security of your items very seriously. As such, we have deployed advanced security features to ensure that your possessions are very secure although. To this end, we have designed to the storage units as all-enclosed units. Furthermore, we have deployed 24-video surveillance overlooking the storage units. Furthermore, we have 24-hour roving security. This level of security ensures that no one gains illegitimate access to your storage unit. Importantly, these security features are included in the monthly bill for easier billing.

Other notable features that we have include an all interior loading design. We also have U-Haul rental services at this location, making the process of moving your items into the storage unit that much easier. Furthermore, we have free-to-use push carts to move items in and out of the storage unit. In a nutshell, we have designed our self-storage unit to be as complete as possible to guarantee q high-quality experience for our clients.

We are offering great move-in discounts and offers.  If you are looking for a high-quality storage unit in North Highlands, stop by our storelocal and have we will be glad to show you the storage units that we have on offer.

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