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Why Choose Storelocal for College Storage?

Gemini | May 29, 2024 @ 12:00 AM

As future decision-makers of America, college students are always honing their analytical skills. While you navigate the tricky waters of academia, one question might loom larger than your final exams: Where do I keep all my stuff when I’m not in school? 

Fear not, for self-storage is your ally as you transition through semesters, school years, study abroad programs, jobs and, for some, multiple majors and doctorate programs. While we can’t help you decide between chemical engineering or British literature in the Elizabethan era, we do know a thing or two about reducing clutter. Let's dive into why self-storage for college students is practically a degree requirement and how you can get credit for picking the perfect spot for your textbooks (or that Ikea dresser you found in the parking lot freshman year). 

3 Reasons for College Storage Units

1. Your Room Isn’t a TARDIS

Sometimes you just want more space. Unlike the Doctor's TARDIS, your dorm room doesn’t get bigger on the inside. A self-storage unit acts like your very own pocket dimension—magically expanding your living space without violating the laws of physics! Keep art supplies, musical instruments, books and more out of your way until you need them.

2. Summer Break: The Cliffhanger

Every epic college year ends with a cliffhanger: where will all your stuff go during the summer break? Cue the dramatic music and enter stage right, the self-storage unit! It’s the perfect plot device to keep your belongings safe until the next season (I mean semester) of your college saga.

3. Gap Year: The Spin-Off Series

Are you considering a gap year to find yourself or just to avoid finding a job? Whether you're backpacking across Europe or volunteering in distant lands, your stuff will need a temporary home. And there’s no better home than a self-storage unit with the right features,

5 Features College Students Should Look for in a Self-Storage Facility

Here’s the checklist to ensure you’re doing this storage thing right. Of course, you never have to worry about your neighborhood Storelocal facility having everything you need. 

1. Security

You’ve accumulated some pretty great stuff beyond a 4.0 grade point average–that beer can collection, your signed, limited-edition Vampire Weekend record, the tracksuit with your alma mater's mascot. But, how do you keep it all safe while you’re off on other adventures? You need a vault with security tighter than your jeans after taco night. Look for features such as 24/7 video surveillance, coded access that’s more complex than your last relationship and locks tougher than your psych 102 exam. 

2. Location

Many college students don’t have a car. And if they do, it’s their roommate’s 2005 Kia Spectra that only works when it’s warm enough out. Proximity is key, when you’re counting on your parents or kind friend to help you move your stuff. It also makes it easier if you have to run and get something you didn’t realize you’d need–like that tracksuit for the homecoming game. 

3. Climate Control

If you're storing electronics, musical instruments, research notebooks for your thesis , or anything that doesn't love humidity, climate-controlled units are a must. If you go to a school with especially hot summer temperatures or cold winters, make sure you store your belongings in a climate controlled unit. 

4. Size

As with ordering pizza, selecting the right size is crucial when securing student storage. Running out of room may mean choosing between keeping that sweet gaming chair or your precious mini fridge. Paying for more space than you need could mean less budget for pizza upgrades.

A 5x5 unit is great for the basics—think a few boxes and that chair. But if you've accumulated an apartment's worth of stuff, a 10x10 will give you the space to keep it all without having to play Tetris every time you visit. If you’re unsure, check out Storelocal’s handy sizing guide. It’s like a cheat sheet with all the unit sizes and what you can fit in them.

5. Flexibility

Who knows if that summer backpacking trip with the art student down the hall is going to pan out. Look for storage options with flexible lease terms. You might need storage for a month, a semester, or a gap year. You want a facility that understands the word "flexible" as well as you do when explaining your major to your relatives.

Find College Storage Units Near Me

A self-storage unit isn’t just a place to dump your stuff—it’s a strategic move to keep your college life as organized as your playlist. Think of it as the sidekick to your adventures—quietly supportive and always there when you need during new experiences and spontaneous road trips. 

Contact Storelocal to find the right size unit with all the features you need to store your stuff and ace the test of life.

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