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The Philosophy of Storing: 10 Storage Features to Enlighten Your Load

Gemini | April 2, 2024 @ 12:00 AM

Few questions have plagued the great thinkers more over the centuries than “Where do I put my stuff?” Fortunately, you've stumbled upon the only philosophical response you'll need to confidently answer this eons-long conundrum. Plato had his cave and Schroedinger had his box, but you’ve got Storelocal. 

Let’s look inwards to the world of “self”-storage with an enlightening journey through the top 10 self-storage features you should ponder when considering where to stash your treasures. We’ll make you a sage expert in all things storage so that you (and your partner who wants more space in the garage) never question your storage choices again.

1. Climate Control: Within Your Control

Stoics taught that we should focus on the things that are within our control and accept the things we cannot–but try telling that to your record collection. Stored in the wrong conditions your Thelonius Monk easily turns into erroneous junk. Whether it's combating the sweltering heat, the bone-chilling cold or mildew-breeding humidity, climate control keeps your precious belongings in just-right conditions. Don’t settle for less if you’re storing wooden furniture, electronics, artwork or the collected works of Ayn Rand.

2. Security: Sound Storage for a Sound Mind

Inner peace is difficult to achieve when you’re worried about your things being stolen. A top-notch security system is better than meditation when it comes to storing your valuable items. Look for facilities with 24/7 video surveillance, gated access and on-site staff. Bluetooth locks are another security feature worth your consideration. They’re more secure than traditional padlocks and open with your phone through bluetooth connection. You never have to worry about losing your key or forgetting your combination.  A secure storage facility not only protects your heirlooms, it’s like Fort Knox for your anxiety. 

3. Access Hours: Store on Your Schedule

The question is not just where to store your stuff, but “when.” You'll want access to your belongings during hours that match your lifestyle. Facilities offering extended or 24-hour access are worth their weight in gold-plated roll-up doors. Make sure that you have the freedom to grab your gear whenever inspiration, or an emergency costume party, strikes.

4. Size: The Right Space for the Job

Immanueal Kant may have said that “space is not something objective and real” but that won’t help you figure out where to put that extra couch. Much like clothing, storage units come in various sizes and success depends on finding the right fit. Whether you're clearing out a few boxes or parking your fishing boat for the season, a facility with multiple options and a clear sizing guide will make life easier. 

5. Cleanliness: Inside and Out

Benjamin Franklin considered cleanliness one of the thirteen virtues necessary for true success. A clean storage facility is a sign of a well-managed operation. A storage facility with visible dirt, dust or mildew is an unhealthy environment. You don’t want to risk visiting your stuff only to find it's made friends with the dust bunnies or started to look like the inside of your shower drain.

6. Customer Service: The Gold Standard

The best facilities have staff who are kind, helpful and stocked with packing tape and sharpies. They should be ready to answer questions, provide guidance and maybe even share a joke or two. Channel your inner Soctrates and question your storage hosts to probe the deeper meanings behind life, the universe and a well-labeled plastic storage tote. You may be surprised at how quality staff can affect the quality of your life.

7. Location: Save Space and Time

Aristotle famously said “Adventure is worthwhile.” However, he probably never navigated rush hour traffic with a queen-sized mattress strapped to the roof of a Honda Fit. The ideal storage facility is one you can get to without planning a major expedition. Look for a location that's convenient to your home or work so that you can make a quick stop without taking PTO. 

8. Online Reviews: The Real Stars

In the digital age, everyone has their critics. Online reviews are the new street cred and storage facilities are no exception. When vetting a storage facility, sift through the feedback for the good, the bad and the hilariously ugly to get a sense of what you're in for. Nietzsche, who was no stranger to criticism, is well known for saying “That which doesn’t kill us, makes us stronger” but you still shouldn’t settle for a two-star storage company.

9. Cost: The Price You Pay

To pose a question heavier than that hide-a-bed couch taking up space in your basement: Is the price you pay better than the price you didn’t pay? Plenty of storage companies offer lucrative deals for first time renters only to gouge them months later with increased rates. If a deal seems too good to be true, it probably is. Remember, the best price isn't always the lowest one, but the one that offers the most bang for your buck.

10. Online Account Management: DIY

The question of free will is an ongoing debate, but with the right tools you can at least feel more independent. With mobile app access you can book your storage unit online and manage your payments on your own time. Look for a facility that embraces technology to make your storage experience seamless and liberating. 

To Storelocal or Not To Store

Armed with the knowledge of what makes a great storage experience, you're now ready to embark on your quest for the perfect facility. We hope that the process is safe, comfortable and maybe even mind-opening. And, if you end up with a Storelocal unit, you’re clearly wise beyond your years. To find a facility near you, see “Storage Locations” in the upper toolbar. For questions, existential and otherwise, contact Storelocal today.

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