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Storelocal Deploys Self Storage AI Assistant

Storelocal | September 6, 2023 @ 12:00 AM

Swivl, the only self storage AI Assistant and automation platform, and Storelocal are pleased to announce a partnership today.

The two companies leverage Mariposa, Tenant Inc.’s website platform, to deploy swivl’s AI assistant to give consumers an always available manager, seven days a week. 

Furthermore, a deeper integration into Tenant Inc. was achieved to combine swivl’s automation platform with the property management capabilities of Hummingbird to give customers the most up to date property information. To facilitate this API integration, Tenant Inc. leveraged their proprietary global distribution system (GDS), called Nectar. The Nectar GDS is a powerful tool, best-in-class, and one of the most advanced to date – giving independent self storage operators the competitive edge they need to compete with the REITs. This integration served as a trial run for all other large portfolios using Tenant Inc.’s Hummingbird Property Management Software. 

Swivl’s mission is to provide self storage consumers solutions that make renting effortless. The AI chatbot gives customers landing on a storage website visibility into nearby properties’ available inventory, prices, and discounts. Operators can now streamline their business operations to seamlessly guide a customer through the entire process of renting and managing their storage space.

“We added swivl’s AI chatbot to enhance the consumer website for Storelocal Brand’s 50+  properties. Hundreds of interactions are being handled by the AI chatbot with over 80% success – all automated, requiring no labor. Swivl is doing a great job with ‘high purchase intent’ inquiries, such as helping prospects find spaces to rent and helping tenants make payments online. It is also solving problems, from helping tenants figure out their gate code, to enabling them to exit the property when they are locked inside. We couldn’t be more pleased,” said Storelocal COO, Anne Mari DeCoster.

With industry leading conversational intelligence, swivl can answer common questions, qualify new leads, book a reservation, and manage a customer’s account. All the while, operators can provide the human touch with a simple transition to a live chat experience.  

“We enjoy working with like minded teams that see a future in making self storage more accessible,” said Mason Levy, CEO of swivl. “We are excited to be working with the Storelocal team to bring a modern user interface and intuitive digital experience to their customers.”

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