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How to Pack Your Storage Unit The Right Way

Admin | July 19, 2021 @ 12:00 AM

It will inevitably happen - you pack your storage unit to the rafters, cram all your stuff inside, lock the door and then realize you need something inside. When you know how to pack your storage unit, this isn’t a problem. Your belongings are safely stored, and you can find stored items quickly and easily.

From how to pack a sofa for storage to the best way to store your clothes, you want to know how to pack and organize for success. It only takes a few minutes to save yourself hours of frustration. Use these tips for how to pack for storage to make your self-storage experience easier.

Go in With a Plan

Moving is a pain and it’s tempting to load all your extra belongings into a van and dump them into storage without a plan. Take a moment and answer these questions before you back yourself into a corner:

  • How much stuff do you have?
  • How long will it be stored?
  • How big a storage unit will you need?
  • Do you have large items?
  • Are your items valuable?
  • What items will you need access to?

Based on your answers to these questions, go in with a plan and make sure you have a storage unit that will accommodate all your belongings. Here are some tips for figuring out how to best fill your unit, starting at home.

Success Starts at Home

Before you load that first box of Christmas ornaments into your car, start by packing smartly with these tips. And know ahead of time what you can’t keep in a storage facility.

Use Clear Plastic Bins

Plastic bins preserve your belongings, especially clothes, better than cardboard boxes. And with clear bins you can see what’s inside without opening them.

Pack Like Items Together

Keep kitchen items separate from clothes and books separate from camping gear. By organizing by type, it will be easier to find things later.

Label Boxes and Bins Judiciously

Avoid general labels like “kitchen stuff” in favor of a detailed inventory of what’s inside each box or bin. You won’t remember which box you put that winter coat in so makes sure it’s labeled on the outside. If you’re stacking boxes, label the side vs the top so you can read your label without unstacking.

Create an Inventory

Make a list of everything you pack and keep it with you so you can remember what’s in storage and where to find it. Email your storage inventory to yourself so you never lose it.

How to Use the Space in Your Storage Unit

Once you have your items packed, tallied and transported, you can start placing them in your self-storage unit. Follow these steps to do it right.

Move Larger Items in First

If you’re storing furniture, appliances or other larger items, put them in first. Make sure your large items fit in the space before things get crowded. Remove table legs to maximize space. Cover sofas and chairs with a cloth or sheet to keep dust off. Keep refrigerator and freezer doors propped open to avoid mildew.

Work from Back to Front

Start by placing items in the back and against the wall. This way, you can move in and out easily as you pack.

Use Shelves

Shelving is a great way to maximize your storage space. Place free standing shelves or rolling racks along the walls to hold more items and make items easier to access.

Use Vertical Space

Lean furniture like tables against the wall to take advantage of vertical space. Stack heavy bins or boxes on the bottom with smaller items on top. Keep similar items stacked together and well-labeled where you can read it.

Maintain a Center Aisle

As you fill your storage unit, keep a center aisle open to easily access all corners of your unit. You may be back sooner than you think to find things.

Preserve Valuable Items

Store clothes clean, folded and in plastic bins to ensure they’re still in good shape when you need them. Lay books flat in smaller boxes to prevent stress on their spines. Take photos and record serial numbers of electronics or other valuable items and add them to your inventory list. Make sure fragile items aren’t at risk for tipping over or being crushed underneath other items.

A Storage Unit That Works for You

Ultimately the best way to pack your storage unit is the way that works for you. Hopefully, these tips helped and hopefully you have the right storage unit for your needs. For help finding the right self-storage unit near you, search Store Local’s database. We help people across the country store their belongings every day.


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