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How to Safely Store Valuables in Your Oklahoma City Self Storage Unit

Storelocal | June 14, 2024 @ 12:00 AM

The thriving culture and expanding community of Oklahoma City frequently necessitate additional storage space. Nevertheless, more than merely tucking valuables away is required. These priceless goods need a strategy different from regular possessions to guarantee safety. There are extra factors to consider because of Oklahoma's unique weather patterns, including scorching summers and erratic storms. This blog will guide you in safely keeping your belongings in an Oklahoma City self-storage facility. We'll review recommended practices, including using high-quality locks, maintaining a thorough inventory record, and selecting the appropriate unit type (climate-controlled for delicate objects). By following these guidelines and being aware of Oklahoma City's particular storage needs, you can rest easy knowing that your assets are secure and preserved for many years.

Choosing the Right Storage Facility

Security Features

Give top priority to storage facilities in Oklahoma City with strong security measures. Seek out establishments with individual unit alarms, gated entrances, and surveillance cameras. These characteristics give your goods a haven and discourage theft.

Climate Control

Climate-controlled storage units are necessary for delicate items. By controlling humidity and temperature, these devices guard against the harm that severe weather can do. Climate-controlled spaces are beneficial for keeping items like electronics, documents, and antiquities in top condition.

Facility Reputation

Selecting a trustworthy storage facility is essential. Investigate facilities by looking up ratings and reading testimonials and reviews. A reputable storage facility near me will offer superior protection, client support, and general happiness.

Preparing Your Valuables for Storage

It is necessary to compile an inventory list of every item kept. Please take pictures of your goods and include thorough descriptions with them. Keeping an inventory of your possessions makes life easier for you and can also come in handy when filing insurance claims.

Using the proper packing materials is essential for securing your belongings. Invest in premium supplies like solid boxes, packing paper, and bubble wrap. These materials guard against damage and offer comfort while being stored.

Identifying and organizing your belongings facilitates retrieval. Create a labeling system to ensure you can easily locate and retrieve particular objects when needed.

Packing Valuables Safely

Ensure every sensitive equipment, such as glassware, ceramics, and electronics, is sufficiently padded while packaging. To prevent damage, use bubble wrap and don't overpack boxes.

Photographs and vital documents should be kept in fireproof and waterproof containers. For further security, consider making digital backups of these items.

Keep small valuables and jewels in safes or lockboxes within your storage unit. This additional security guard stops theft and guards against harm. To avoid tangling, arrange jewelry and use anti-tarnish paper.

Utilizing Storage Unit Features

By raising your assets above the ground and shielding them from possible water damage, shelving and racks can be installed. Arrange shelf space to the fullest and make sure everything is easily accessible.

Use premium locks on your nearby storage units. Because disc locks and cylinder locks are complex to fool with, they are advised. Make sure your lock is strong and fits your device snugly.

It's crucial to get insurance protection for the things you store. Inquire about your storage facility's insurance options, or consider using outside sources. Insurance provides financial security and comfort in the event of loss or theft.

Regular Maintenance and Checks

Visit your storage facility frequently to check on your belongings. During these trips, you can check for any indications of damage or possible problems and make sure your belongings are in good shape.

Put pest prevention measures in place to keep your belongings safe from infestation. Keep your storage space tidy, and avoid keeping perishable goods that could attract pests.

Update your documentation and inventory list regularly. Maintaining an accurate and current inventory requires tracking added or withdrawn goods.


Safely storing valuables in Oklahoma City storage containers takes careful planning and upkeep. You can ensure your assets are safe by selecting a secure facility, packing carefully, and visiting your unit frequently. Ad adheres to following best practices to protect your possessions and experience the peace of mind that comes with knowing they are safe.

Contact your nearby Oklahoma City storage facilities to make a reservation or for additional information. Safeguard your assets with simplicity and confidence.

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