Junk piled up in a garage.

How to Make Room in Your Garage: Procrastinator’s Edition

Gemini | December 15, 2023 @ 12:00 AM

So, you finally decided to tackle that garage, huh? The one that's been silently judging you every time you squeeze through the maze of boxes that have sat there through several presidential administrations. Before you start, let’s have a little chat about how self storage can turn your garage from a cluttered cave of forgotten treasures into a space that you can actually use or even park a car in. 

Whether it’s to create a home gym (another great procrastinator project), a workshop or because your spouse has escalated their threats, we’re here to show you how to maximize the space in your garage. Move that old stuff you never touch and make room for the new you!

Take Inventory

First things first, let's play a game called “What on Earth is in my Garage?” Strap on your snorkel (if you can find it) and dive into the depths of your garage. Begin to sort your finds into four piles: 

  • Stuff to keep
  • Stuff to store
  • Stuff to donate
  • “Why do I even have this?” (AKA: trash)

Be ruthless! If you haven’t used it since the last solar eclipse, it’s time to store or say goodbye. This may be hard, but it’s the first step towards a more organized garage. 

Find Self Storage for Garage Items

Self storage isn't just a space; it's a magical realm where your seasonal gear, National Geographic collection and Flowbee can all live in harmony. A secure, climate controlled facility will keep your stuff safe from both Mother Nature and Father Time. You won’t have to worry about pests, humidity or your better half’s scorn. 

Choosing the right storage unit requires a few careful considerations. Go too small, and you’re playing Tetris with your stuff; too big, and you’re renting out a dance hall by the month. Luckily, Storelocal has a size guide to help match you with the square footage you’ll need. Last thing we want to see on our security camera is you crumbled in the fetal position because your stuff won’t fit.

Other considerations include location, access hours and price. We make all that information easier to find than your Christmas tree stand by simply clicking on the location nearest you. Think about what items get the invite to your storage party and choose accordingly. 

Storing for Success

It’s time to pack. Boxes – check. Label maker – check. Overwhelming sense of accomplishment – pending. Don’t make the same mistake twice in one decade. Store items in clearly labeled boxes and stack them like you’re building a fortress of needed memories. Remember, heavy stuff at the bottom, lighter stuff on top and flammables nowhere in sight. Keep the hazardous materials at home or drop them off at your local disposal station.

Clearly, you weren’t sure how to organize your garage, but it’s not too late to learn how to pack a storage unit. Utilize shelving units to maximize space. For specific items like tools, seasonal decorations, or sports equipment, consider specialized storage solutions. If you’re packing more sensitive items like books, antiques or that record collection, now’s the time to give them a little extra care to make sure they’ll be around when you want to pawn them off on bequeath them to your kids. 

Maximize Your Garage Space

Hopefully you’ve uncovered enough space to, well, drive a truck through. With your newfound room in the garage, maintain the order. Regularly review what’s in your garage and what’s in storage. Maybe even set up a little workshop, start a new hobby or, dare we say, park your car? This is your fresh start, don’t blow it. And when you get more stuff, we’ll be ready.

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