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Five Reasons to Use Automatic Bill Pay

Krista Diamond | November 1, 2018 @ 12:00 AM

How do you pay for your storage unit? If your answer isn’t automatic bill pay, you might be missing out on some significant benefits.

We all have monthly bills. From the big ones such as your rent or mortgage payment to the small ones like your Netflix or Hulu fee, making sure everything gets paid on time is a responsibility that’s simplified by automatic bill pay. The self storage industry is all about streamlining and simplifying too, which is why most storage facilities offer automatic bill pay so that your rent is taken from your account each month without you having to do a thing. Some storage facilities actually require automatic bill pay or will offer an incentive such as a free lock or a waived admin fee if you sign up for it.

If you haven’t signed up for automatic bill pay yet, here’s why you should:

It’s Convenient

In the age of Amazon, Postmates and Uber, convenience is essential. Automatic bill pay is a great way to pay rent for your storage unit because it’s convenient. You can set it up from your couch or at your storage facility and then forget about it. There’s no need to set a reminder to pay your rent or drive somewhere and drop off a payment. Enter your payment information once and you’re good to go.

It’s Paperless

Want to go green? One way to reduce your carbon footprint is by reducing paper bills. Automatic bill pay on your storage unit eliminates the need for paperwork, so you can feel good about doing your part to help the environment.

It Can Improve Your Credit Score

If you’re looking to buy a house, take out a loan, get a new car or go to college, your credit score matters—big time. Automatic bill pay can help you keep your credit score up by demonstrating that you are someone who makes payments on time.

It Prevents Missed Payments

You don’t want your storage unit to end up on an episode of Storage Wars. Prevent this nightmare scenario by using automatic bill pay to ensure that your rent is always paid on time. Missing payments on your storage unit can result in extra fees and can even cause your storage unit to wind up at an auction. There are other ways to get on TV, we promise.

It’s One Less Thing to Worry About

Folks in the self storage industry often talk about the four D’s of self storage: death, divorce, dislocation and—depending on who you ask—either downsizing, disaster or some other foreboding word. If you’re using your storage unit to cope with an unexpected loss, a move or some other major life event, setting up automatic bill pay will take one thing off your mind during a tumultuous time. And hey, even if you’re just using your storage unit as a repository for clutter, you can still benefit from this. After all, everyone can benefit from worrying less.

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