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Clever Ways to Maximize Space in Your Storelocal Jenks Storage Unit

Storelocal | May 30, 2024 @ 12:00 AM

To get the most out of your rental, you must maximize the space in your storage unit. When you efficiently use available space, you can safely and conveniently store more goods. This blog article will cover methods and pointers to help you get the most out of your storage unit at Storelocal Storage Jenks.

Planning and Preparing Your Storage Unit

Assessing Your Storage Needs

Before transferring things into your storage unit, you must evaluate your storage needs. Recognize the quantity and kinds of goods you intend to keep. You can monitor your storage and streamline the procedure by making an inventory list.

Choosing the Right Storage Unit Size

It's important to get the right size storage container. Various unit sizes are available from Storelocal Storage Jenks to meet various demands. Estimate the space needed using your inventory list, then select a unit that can hold everything you have without taking up extra room.

Creating a Storage Plan

In the long run, creating an organizing plan for your storage unit can save you time and work. Think about your access points and the arrangement of your belongings. Making a floor plan can help you see where everything will go and ensure everything fits together correctly.

Packing and Organizing Tips

Using Uniform-Size Boxes

Using boxes of the same size will significantly increase the effectiveness of your storage. These boxes optimize vertical space and stack nicely. Prominently label each box to facilitate easy identification and retrieval.

Utilizing Shelving Units

Organizing objects and using vertical space is terrific when using shelving systems. Select robust, movable shelves that can hold different-sized and heaviest boxes. Shelves shield objects from possible harm by keeping them off the ground.

Disassembling Large Items

Disassembling furniture and other large things can save a lot of room. Disassembled parts should be packed carefully to prevent losing any pieces. To make reassembling easier, label each component and, if needed, give assembly instructions.

Storing Items Vertically

The secret to effective storage is to maximize vertical space. Use shelves or racks to keep stacks sturdy and pack things firmly. This method enables the storage of more goods in the same place while freeing up floor space.

Smart Storage Techniques

Using Vacuum-Sealed Bags

Vacuum-sealed bags are ideal for reducing the quantity of soft products like linens, mattresses, and clothes. They save space and shield objects from moisture and dust. To keep vacuum-sealed bags tidy, stack them in containers or on shelves.

Creating Aisles for Accessibility

Provide spaces between rows of boxes or shelves to guarantee simple access to your belongings. Assemble your space so that the things you use most often are accessible from the front. This arrangement avoids having to open several cartons to locate the desired item.

Labeling and Inventory Management

Labeling boxes and maintaining an inventory of stored objects are essential for an organization. Make a list of your digital inventory that you may edit as needed. This will make finding things quickly and managing your storage inventory easier.


Optimizing the space in your Storelocal Storage Jenks storage unit requires thoughtful preparation, effective packaging, and astute storage methods. By determining the appropriate unit size, evaluating your storage needs, and implementing these suggestions, you can maximize your storage space and guarantee simple access to your stuff. See our storage selection at Storelocal Storage Jenks now to select the ideal unit for your requirements.

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