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Can I Rent a Small Storage Unit?

Gemini | November 5, 2021 @ 12:00 AM

Decluttering your home can take many shapes…and sizes. Sometimes you just need an extra closet to store those seasonal clothes, sporting goods or toys you don’t use but aren’t ready to give up. Renting small storage units is easy at Storelocal. We have facilities with units of all sizes to match your needs.

You might be surprised what you can fit in a smaller sized self-storage unit. We’ll walk you through some of the common practical uses and give you tips on how to maximize your mini storage space.

How Big is a Small Storage Unit?

We have three versions of small storage units:

Extra small units are storage lockers about the size of your washer and dryer.

Small 5’X5’ units are closet-sized but big enough to fit a twin mattress or dresser.

Small 5’X10’ units are walk-in-sized closets that can fit larger furniture items and sporting goods.

Not only are smaller storage units practical when you only have a few things to stow away, they’re also economical. How much is a small storage unit? Small units can cost half or even a fourth the cost of larger units. At our Gallatin facility you can rent an X- small unit for only $9/ month. Don’t pay for space you don’t need, check with your local facility today.

What can I fit in a small self-storage space?How to organize a small storage unit

A small storage unit is perfect for many things from seasonal items to overflowing collections. Here are a few ideas how to make more room at home without breaking your budget.

  • Clothes. Rotate out your summer and winter wardrobes for more dresser space at home. Keep your winter gear – hats, mittens, jackets and even skis and sleds out of the way until the snow falls.


  • Camping gear. Store your packs, tents and sleeping bags safely knowing they won’t have that musty basement smell when you set out next summer.


  • Sporting goods. Bikes, golf clubs, hockey equipment – put all your sports gear in one place for the off season. It will be ready when training rolls out again.


  • Wine, records, toys. Is your collection overflowing? Maybe your significant other has “hinted” that downsizing might be nice. You could place it in a secure locker where it’s easy to access but won’t bother anyone.


  • Inherited goods. Store that heirloom dresser or extra couch while you move. Rent a space just large enough to hold your item until you have a place for it.


  • Tools/ patio items. During fall and winter when you don’t need gardening tools, lawn chairs and yard decorations, a storage unit is the perfect place to store them. Don’t overload the garage to the point where the car won’t fit.

How to maximize the space in your small storage unit

The great thing about renting a small storage unit is that most times, you still have the same vertical space. That means with some creative planning, you can fit even more than the base dimensions allow.

Shelving is an obvious hack here. If you’re storing items like books or clothes, a shelf will help you organize and stack things all the way to the ceiling. Cheap but sturdy metal or plastic shelves can be found at your local hardware or home improvement store. And you can sell your shelf when you’re done to recoup your investment.  Plastic bins to organize a small storage unit

Small storage bins are a great solution to organize and store your items safely. Plastic bins are inexpensive and come in a variety of stackable sizes. They preserve clothes, bedding and books from dust and exposure. Label your bins along the side where you can easily read what’s inside. Place the things you might need in the top bins, so you don’t have to go digging for them.

Whatever you’re storing, write down an inventory list. You’ll never second guess what’s at home and what you’ve stowed away.

It’s the small things that make the big difference

Wondering if a smaller-sized storage unit might be the fix for decluttering your home? Hopefully our storage ideas for small spaces inspired you! Check in with Storelocal for small storage units near me. You might be surprised by how big a difference decluttering a few choice items will make.


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