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How to Store Your Motorcycle

Gemini | December 13, 2021 @ 12:00 AM


Storelocal provides safe and convenient self-storage options for motorcycle aficionados across the country. We know that your bike is an extension of who you are. When you’re not cruising down the big slab or when the season gets too cold to ride, we’ve got the perfect motorcycle storage unit for you.

Before you park your bike for an extended time, make sure you perform the necessary maintenance so it’ll ready for your next adventure. We’ve got tips on how to store your motorcycle for winter or however long you need. A little time and elbow grease will keep your motor clean and your sled ready to launch.

Change Your Oil and FilterChange your motorcycle's oil filter before storing it

Yes, it can be a hassle, but you’ll thank your future self for doing it. Old motor oil left dormant can clog your engine and gum up your ride. The debris in used oil expedites corrosion from within.

Especially for motorcycle storage in winter, new oil will help preserve your engine. A fresh filter means your engine will run more efficiently when spring rolls around by keeping contaminants out.

Give it a Good Wash

Hardened dead bugs, mud, and grime can eat your finish over time. Give your bike a thorough wash before storing it. You’ll stop corrosion and keep your ride looking sharp. Make sure you dry everything fully to prevent rust.

Apply a coat of wax for an extra layer of protection. It will stave off harmful moisture and keep your motorcycle looking brand new until you next hit the road. Cover it up to keep dust and bugs off.

Top off the Tank

Your motorcycle’s gas tank can rust from the inside if left for long periods of time. A full tank prevents this from occurring but add a gas stabilizer to spare your carburetor from stale gas down the road. Also, be sure to ride a mile or two to mix the stabilizer in before your long-term park.

Alternatively, if you’re storing your motorcycle for an extended period – more than six months – you may want to empty the gas and treat your tank. Use a fogging oil to coat the inside of your empty gas tank. This will protect it from corrosion until you’re ready to fill it up again.

Lube the Moving PartsOil motorcycle spark plugs before storing

A coat of fresh oil keeps moving parts limber and protects them against condensation and corrosion. Remove your spark plugs and spoon a small amount of oil into the openings. Coat your cylinder walls by rotating the rear wheel while in gear. Return the spark plugs and lube your chain, cables and controls.

Follow your motorcycle’s maintenance guide for specifics on best practices for engine lubrication.

Keep You Battery Juiced

During long-term storage, protect your motorcycle’s battery from loosing its charge. You have several options: A float charger, hooked up to your battery, will top it off whenever the charge drops below a preset value. You can also remove your battery and connect it to a trickle charger which will provide it with a constant “trickle” of electricity that keeps it charged. A third option is to simply start your motorcycle periodically and run it for a few minutes.

Motorcycle enthusiasts debate which method of battery preservation is best. Consult your dealer or mechanic if you’re unsure which is the best way to keep your motorcycle battery charged during storage.

Keep Your Tires Round

Long term storage could leave your tires with flat spots. Make sure your tires and fully inflated going into storage to minimize the potential for warping. Some riders recommend overinflating to compensate for the sedentary time.

Storing your bike on a motorcycle stand can relieve the pressure on the tires and prevent them from becoming misshaped come spring. It also lessens stress on your suspension.

How Long do Motorcycles Last in Storage?

A safely stored and covered motorcycleIf you follow these tips and take good care of your motorcycle, you shouldn’t have to worry about the length of storage.

If you’re looking at storing your motorcycle for a year or more, consider fogging the engine to add another level of protection against moisture and corrosion.

When you finally go to ride after an extended period, give your bike a thorough check. Rubber parts like gaskets may have hardened or cracked and will need to be replaced. Tires may have also gone bad.

A motorcycle, fresh from storage

The Best Location for Motorcycle Storage Near Me

If you don’t want to leave your motorcycle in the driveway all year and if your garage is already crowded, a storage unit that allows motorcycles is the perfect solution.

Self-storage is a safe, convenient and budget-friendly way to protect your motorcycle when you’re not riding it. Most storage facilities have on site managers and modern security systems to keep joy riders from stealing your wheels. A roof over your bike keeps the elements away and extends its life. Check out the Storelocal storage facility near you and see how you can store your motorcycle today.

Safe travels and remember to keep the dirty side down.


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