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4 Things To Do in Ramsey, MN

Storelocal | May 13, 2020 @ 12:00 AM

Ramsey, Minnesota, is a city of 27,000 residents, and although it’s small by city standards, we still have a variety of fun activities. Of course, there are plenty of places to eat, movie theaters, book shops, sports stores, hobby shops, and all the other sorts of shopping you’d expect to find in any American city. Here, we’ll cover some of the special places in Ramsey you’ll want to visit at least once.

Get Into the Holiday Spirit at Hansen Tree Farm

Christmas time means goodwill, a celebration of winter, gifts, and putting up a lovely tree in your home. Residents of Ramsey to go Hansen Tree Farm for their holiday trees.

You’ll find this huge farm along Alpine Drive, and we think you’ll enjoy looking for your next Christmas tree here. They carry a wide variety of pines, spruces, and firs. You’ll need to cut your own tree down (with a saw they provide), but they handle the rest of the labor, including strapping it to your car. They also have a pre-cut area if you prefer not to saw down your own tree.

They have some wonderful amenities for customers, too. These include free hot cocoa, coffee, cider, and Christmas sausages. You can enjoy these around a campfire or at a picnic table. If the weather is rainy or snowy, you can hang out in a log shelter. On some days they have free hayrides or live music. 

The gift shop sells Christmas gifts, including lots of beautiful woodwork by local artists. You can even watch woodworking demonstrations.

Play the Links

We have two excellent golf courses here in Ramsey. The Links at Northfork is a Scottish-style course meant to challenge golfers regardless of skill. It also includes a banquet facility, pub, and pro-shop where you can get new clubs, balls, and other equipment.

The other is The Rum River Golf Club, a course also excellent for golfers of all skill levels. On-site you’ll find a pro shop and a McDuff’s restaurant. This is also a great place to host large events.

Adventure at Rum River Central Regional Park 

Rum river flows through the Ramsey, and it’s a perfect place to fish or ride down the river in a personal canoe. You get to the river through the park, which has launch facilities for your boats, including kayaks and canoes. Fishermen come here to catch panfish, smallmouth bass, and walleye.

The park includes campsites for those canoeing and kayaking. You’ll also enjoy the large, outdoor picnic pavilions as big as cafeterias, nice spots to eat during sunshine, rain, or snow. The playgrounds include slides, swings, and climbing equipment. You can also go biking or hiking, and when it’s snowy, cross-country skiing.

Other Parks

While Rum River Central Regional Park is a particularly popular attraction, there are more than a dozen other parks around town. These include Central Park, which has plenty of green space and tennis courts, Alpine Park, which has four baseball diamonds, and Elmcrest Park, which includes a large, covered picnic area, a small playground, and plenty of green space for walking or playing sports. Whether you want to play sports with your friends, take your dog for a walk, or take your kids to a playground, the parks of Ramsey have you covered.

As you can see, most of the best things to do in Ramsey are outdoor activities, and you can enjoy many of them whether it’s hot or cold out, sunny, rainy, or snowy. And, if you need a good spot to keep your golf equipment or anything else, consider renting a climate-controlled unit at Ramsey Storage Center. We have an on-site manager, Bluetooth storage door, have 24/7 access, and more.


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