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Where Can I Store My Snowmobile?

Gemini | October 19, 2021 @ 12:00 AM

Nothing is as exhilarating in winter as racing across the trails on your snowmobile. But when snow sports season is over, you need a safe and reliable place to store your snowmobile. Storelocal has facilities around the country for safe and secure snowmobile storage all year-round. Our facilities give you easy access to your sled so you can hit the powder when the first flakes fall again.

Storing your snowmobile properly prevents serious mechanical and performance problems. We’ll tell you how to prep your snowmobile the summer months and how to minimize any problems come next season. For the best location to park your ride, simply contact the Storelocal facility nearest you.

Why Store Your Snowmobile?

Left to the elements, your snowmobile could degrade and corrode. When you go to fire it up next winter, you might encounter:

  • Hard hoses
  • Rust
  • Cracked seat
  • Corroded suspension
  • Engine won’t start
  • Broken parts on first ride

An hour or two of seasonal maintenance before you put your snowmobile in storage can make a big difference in its performance. Storing your snowmobile in a dry sheltered location will keep dirt, moisture and the elements from shortening its lifespan.

How to Store a Snowmobile: Summer Storage Prep

These steps are generalized preventative maintenance for most snowmobiles. Consult your owner’s manual to ensure you follow the correct steps for your specific sled.

  1. Wash it. Salt, dirt and grime can build up from use or from transporting your snowmobile on slushy roads. Give it a good old-fashioned soap and water bath.A snowmobile owner performs maintenance before putting it in storage
  2. Stabilize the fuel. Gas can degrade over time and cause corrosion. Most fuel injected snowmobiles require a full tank to prevent hoses and connections from drying out. To keep your gas from wreaking havoc on your engine, add a fuel stabilizer and run the engine for a few minutes. Ethanol-free gas is best for long-term storage.
  3. Empty the carburetor. Leftover gas in the carburetor can leave a chalky residue. Drain the fuel out for the season.
  4. Remove the drive belt. This preserves its shape and extends its life.
  5. Fog the engine. “Fogging” is simply covering mechanical parts, especially the intakes and cylinders, with oil to prevent corrosion from moisture. To fog your snowmobile, remove the airbox and foam pads to access the engine. While the engine runs, alternate spraying each intake a few seconds until you see a white exhaust cloud.
  6. Grease is the word. Grease your suspension and steering to ensure they maintain movement while not in use.
  7. Oil exterior parts. Spray a light coat of WD-40 over exposed metal parts like the exhaust, skids and bolts. Avoid spraying the clutch or drive belt. When you take your sled out of storage, simply wipe these parts with a mild degreaser to clean the WD-40 off.
  8. Remove the battery. Keep in a cool dry place where it won’t corrode or lose juice.
  9. Give it a lift. Store your snowmobile off the ground to further keep rust away. Jack the rear end and hang the front over boxes or a stand to reduce the stress on the suspension while not in use.
  10. Park it in a dry, safe place. Keep your snowmobile out of direct sun and rain. A self-storage unit is the perfect place to keep your snowmobile safe and dry until you need it again.

Snowmobile Summer Storage Bonus Tips

  • Unhook the suspension springs to relieve storage tension and extend their life.
  • Use a light dust cover. A tarp or heavy cover can trap moisture in.
  • Place mothballs underneath to keep pests away.
  • Connect a trickle charger to your battery to keep it fully powered.A snowmobile races through the snow after being in self-storage
  • Store your snowmobile in a secure, fenced facility with video monitoring.

Storage for All Your Winter Gear

At Storelocal, we’ve got room for skis, sleds, snowsuits and all your winter gear. Talk to your local facility manager about snowmobile and snowmobile trailer storage for the summer months. We’ll keep your winter toys ready to go until you need them!


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