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Storelocal is a co-op owned by independent self-storage operators. We develop technology that makes unassisted move-ins a reality and offer brand services that increase the profitability of our members.


Renting Reimagined

We create technology products with one goal in mind: to simplify the self-storage process for operators and consumers. Storelocal co-op members have exclusive access to our GDS-powered Tenant™ suite of technology offerings including our tenant interface, mobile manager and digital signage. In addition to our in-house technology offerings, we also partner with Janus International to introduce co-op members to access control technology that facilitates partially staffed or unmanned storage facilities. Smart units make unassisted move-ins a valuable option for both operators and their tenants.


Unassisted Move-ins

In an oversaturated self-storage market, visibility matters. The Storelocal co-op helps your brand stand out through our constantly evolving marketing services. Our SEO and SEM efforts will help your self-storage business rise in the search rankings, leading to more online referrals. We also developed the first fully transactional marketing websites in the self-storage industry that allow tenants to rent, pay and manage their accounts all under your domain.


Brand Services

Searching for a new credit card processor? Considering using a call center? Thinking about retrofitting your storage facility’s LED lighting? Need self-storage legal advice? We know a guy. Not only do Storelocal co-op members benefit from our technology suite, they can also take advantage of member-exclusive rates and discounts on essential self-storage operator services from our trusted partners.

Tenant™ Suite

Tenant™ is Storelocal’s own technology suite. By developing products with operators and customers in mind, we’re helping to bring the self-storage industry up to speed with today’s technological landscape. The Tenant™ technological suite includes our tenant interface, mobile manager, digital signage plus GDS-powered technology and digital marketing innovations including transactional marketing websites, an online directory, local SEO, SEM and brand licensing. We have also addressed a need for increased automation via our partnership with Janus International.

Brand Services

The Storelocal co-op has long been dedicated to amplifying the voices of independent-self storage operators. In 2018, we harnessed that knowledge and power to introduce brand services. Through Storelocal brand licensing, self-storage operators can grow their business under the Storelocal umbrella while maintaining control of day-to-day decisions and local appeal in individual markets.

Buying Power

There are weight classes in boxing for a reason: size matters. You’re never going to see a featherweight beat up on a heavyweight. This is much the same in business, where size can be the difference between access to opportunities and being left in the cold. Storelocal has helped some of the most respected names in the self-storage industry band together to take advantage of economies of scale and operational efficiencies not possible for small or even large regional operators.

Customer Experience

Self-storage technology is the roadmap to creating a seamless customer experience. Our Tenant™ technology suite and esteemed partnership with Janus International creates a workflow that offers every single new tenant the same storage unit options, upsells, insurance choices, level of automation and additional support. We believe that the modern self-storage customer should be empowered to choose the level of automation versus customer service that they prefer. This creates a better experience for both operator and tenant.

The Technology Gap

The solutions that bridge the gap will reduce our profit