Travis Morrow

Travis Morrow’s career in the self storage industry began in January 2003 as a finance intern for National Self Storage Management, Inc.  During that time, he developed a prototype for a competitive analysis database used to track competition trends for all NSS markets.

After a two-year activation with the Arizona Army National Guard, Mr. Morrow rejoined National Self Storage as the Consulting Division Manager.  His duties included conducting feasibility and market demand studies for National Self Storage for new development and acquisitions.  In January 2006, Mr. Morrow was promoted to Vice President of National Self Storage Management, Inc.  Since that time he has overseen the day to day operations of the company’s portfolio.

Mr. Morrow also stays active within the state and national associations, currently serving as President of the Arizona Self Storage Association and as Director of the Self Storage Association (SSA).

Travis Morrow received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Finance from the University of Arizona, Tucson in May 2003.  Mr. Morrow is the designated real estate broker for National Self Storage Management, Inc. in Arizona.

The Technology Gap

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