Pam Domingue

I graduated from California State University Fullerton in 1988. I met my husband and was married in 1997. We currently live in Huntington Beach, CA, where we run an automotive brokerage business and residential real estate properties as well as the self storage facilities. My husband has 3 kids and we have 15 grandchildren. I am a licensed real estate broker in California and serve in an executive position on the California Self Storage Association Board of Directors.

I began my career in finance working for automotive finance companies. That led to a start-up company that owned many used car dealerships nationwide. I ran several of the dealerships, and both founded and managed a liquidation department for them, liquidating over 700 vehicles monthly. In 1999 My husband and I started a new company in the automotive broker Industry. We quickly grew this over the next few years, which allowed us to invest in other areas. We acquired land and built homes in 2005/2006 in Huntington Beach, and upon selling those we decided to invest in Self Storage. We purchased our first self-storage facility in 2007 and by 2011 had 5 facilities. We own and operate them ourselves, as well as other multi-family properties.

We became active in both the National Self Storage Association as well as the California Self Storage Association as a way to learn the industry and the business, and to get more involved. We realize that we are a small company, we cannot compete with the REIT’s in advertising, marketing, and many other areas. We feel that by working together, independent owners and smaller companies can gain a presence on the web, and work together for our customer’s convenience. We feel that companies acting together can achieve more, and want to contribute to that ideal.

The Technology Gap

The solutions that bridge the gap will reduce our profit