Michael Eisler

Mr. Michael Eisler has been working with Baco Realty Corporation (property management division) and Security Public Storage since 2001, overseeing the operations and management of 45 self storage facilities with over 36,000 units and approximately 3,589,000 square feet of self storage space, as well as having primary responsibility for marketing, capital improvements, acquisitions and development.

Prior to joining Baco, Mr. Eisler worked at Cushman & Wakefield in their San Francisco office as part of a brokerage team in the Financial Services department that sold over $975 million worth of properties in 2000-01. Mr. Eisler has a B.A. from the University of Oregon, is a graduate of the University of San Francisco School of Law, and is a member of the California State Bar as well as serving on the Board of Trustees of the Jewish Home for the Aged in San Francisco.

In 2007, Mr. Eisler formed Relsie Properties, a California corporation, in which he is the sole shareholder, to act as the LLC Manager for all new self storage acquisitions since that time.

In addition to self storage facilities managed under Relsie Properties, Mr. Eisler serves as Vice President of Baco LLC, which acts as the General Partner or LLC Manager in approximately 70 limited partnerships and limited liability companies with several hundred independent investors as limited partners. In addition to the 45 self storage facilities, Baco principals’ portfolio also include 23 apartment complexes with approximately 2,400 units and approximately 2,007,000 square feet of rental space in California and Tennessee and 6 industrial projects/buildings of approximately 80,000 square feet of rental space in Northern California. In total, Baco principals own, operate and manage approximately 5,676,000 square feet of rental space.

Michael Eisler’s expertise in the self storage industry is multi–faceted. Initially Mr. Eisler gained his introduction to the self storage business from his experience essentially growing up in and around the business as a second generation self storage operator.

After leaving Cushman & Wakefield in 2001, Mr. Eisler joined Security Public Storage to focus on acquisitions and development. That role has ultimately expanded over the years so that Mr. Eisler is now the primary principal and executive overseeing day to day operations at SPS. Mr. Eisler’s duties, in addition to acquisitions and development, include marketing, sales, personnel, revenue management, internet /website, capital improvements and overseeing all other aspects of the SPS operation. Mr. Eisler has spent time in every part of the business over the years from actually managing properties to being out in the field as Regional Manager working with facility managers directly in identifying issues and solutions to the problems that these managers are confronted with on a daily basis.

The industry issues that are most important are largely related to technology and the cost to the smaller and mid-size operator to implement technology into their operation at the same or comparable level as the REITS and other larger, private operators. Lead generation, content creation and ease of use interface are specific areas of technology that SPS is expecting Storelocal to address and provide industry leading solutions. Initially the emergence of Sparefoot as a lead aggregator similar to the threat that Expedia and Travelocity are to the hotel and airline industries was the galvanizing force to join Storelocal. The potential appeal of Storelocal for SPS has expanded beyond that narrow focus as SPS understands the advantage that the REITS and larger, private operators have at attracting and keeping consumers on the much reduced from desktop screens on mobile devices.

SPS and Mr. Eisler believe the storage consumer is far better served by the small and mid-sized operator who can offer a much more local, neighborhood-centric, customer service and personal attention focused, high quality self storage experience than the large operator that is driving volume with little attention or concern for quality. SPS believes that Storelocal can complement and facilitate the above described self storage model by coalescing ideas and resources with other similar sized and minded operators. If Storelocal executes on its vision successfully, the consumer should see little difference on their mobile devices between a larger and small/mid-size operator but should notice a meaningful difference in the quality of the onsite self storage experience as the smaller operator should be able to provide a more local, consumer focused experience which is in line with the trend away from impersonal, anonymous national brands towards the local, neighborhood choice assuming the quality of the service/product on offer is comparable.

The Technology Gap

The solutions that bridge the gap will reduce our profit