Vice president Ojai Oil Company, joined in 1992. Board member of the Nevada Self Storage Association

Msc (Soc. Sci.) Economics University of Southampton, MBA Durham University Business School,

Member Charted Institute of Marketing, UK and the American Marketing Association.

Candidate for CCIM.


David Edward


Self storage is a relatively low value added product and, much like carbonated cola drinks, is vulnerable to being sold purely on expensive branding campaigns. Those with the deepest pockets succeed with very little regard for the quality of the product offered. Our managers care deeply for their customers and their facilities and we care deeply for our managers. To offer the very least service for the very most price seems like a complete betrayal of the way we have run our business to date. It is not the way we ourselves would wish to be treated. Storelocal offers Golden State Storage the opportunity to compete with the multimillion dollar branding campaigns and yet still offer a first class service to the communities we serve.

The Technology Gap

The solutions that bridge the gap will reduce our profit