Dane Elefante


Dane Elefante is an Orange County native and has worked at Platinum Storage Group since 2005. As Vice President of Operations, Mr. Elefante has his hands in all aspects of the company. This experience enables him to better understand the systems needed to perform more efficiently, better serve his owners, and create a better experience for his clients. Having joined Platinum in 2005, Mr. Elefante has 10 years of experience in the industry spanning from running a single site to overseeing Platinum’s entire portfolio; giving him the opportunity to find ways to improve the company and better serve customers.

Mr. Elefante believes it is important for small and medium size operators to have access to the same economies of scale, technologies and marketing expertise that are readily available to public companies with much larger budgets. Essentially, he’d like to see smaller operators continue to be major innovators within the industry and not die out over time as marketing and technology costs soar. He has always believed that in order to continue to successfully compete with the larger players in the market, it would eventually become a necessity to pool resources, expertise and properties (scale).

After graduating from the University of Southern California’s Marshall School of Business, Mr. Elefante joined his father in growing their family business; finding particular interest in standardizing systems, creating efficiencies, and continually improving all aspects of the company. His personal philosophy of continual improvement and the role of failure as a source of growth can be seen in his approach to his work and those around him. Outside of work, Mr. Elefante pursues rock climbing, hiking, and is currently working on earning a pilot license. Mr. Elefante has completed a half-iron man, a marathon, climbed Mount Whitney and is currently training to climb Mt. Rainier. He hopes to climb some of the biggest peaks in the world and travel as much as possible with his fiancée, and soon-to-be wife, Laura. 

The Technology Gap

The solutions that bridge the gap will reduce our profit