Board member

Owner and CEO of Keylock Storage Ron Osborne has been an influential leader in the storage industry for more than a decade. As CEO and Founder of Keylock Storage, Ron brings over 30 years of business expertise and experience from building one of the largest employee benefit brokerage and consulting firms in the Northwest.

Within 5 years, the Keylock Storage team has grown the business to 11 facilities with a current total of one million square footage. Keylock is a subsidiary of Bitterroot Holdings and owns and manages all of its facilities and has plans to expand to 15 facilities within the next few years.

Ron is a frequent speaker at the annual Inside Self Storage Conference and the annual Self Storage Association Conference in Las Vegas. He also has been a speaker at several state storage conferences including Oregon, Montana and Idaho. Ron is a chair of the Idaho Self Storage Association and was elected to serve on the Storelocal board in 2017.

Ron also looks forward to assisting and sharing his knowledge of employee benefits with the Co-Op having had clients with employees in every state across the US. Ron has designed and implemented employer – sponsored health insurance plans for large private businesses, public entities, and non-profit organizations. He specializes in self-funding, benefit design and implementation as well as cost containment and alternative benefit strategies that can be of great value to all contributing members of Storelocal.

The Technology Gap

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