Why Storelocal?

Noticing the trend of consolidation in the industry, SPMI has always desired to maintain our independence in operations, while still providing the best quality of service and care to our customers. The co-op presented the perfect solution to being able to provide that next level of service, while keeping competitive in a growing industry, and still retaining our small business culture and independence. By connecting with like-minded operators, we felt we could help build a network that will ensure the long-term success of not just our business, but our allies as well. Storelocal provides us a unique opportunity to stay competitive with the REITS in marketing, technology, and operations, without giving up the core principals our company was founded on. Additionally, we believe Storelocal will give a voice to the smaller operators and make sure their interests are represented at all levels of conversation in our industry.

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Strat Property Management, Inc

Strat Property Management, Inc. (SPMI) was formed in September 1999 by Don Clauson (CEO) and Randy Strauss (CFO). Headquartered in San Diego, California, the company also has an office in San Antonio, Texas. SPMI currently owns and operates 40 storage facilities in the U.S., along with multifamily residential portfolios in both Texas and California. SPMI has more than 120 team members and growing.


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