Why Storelocal?

Steve grew up in the grocery business and witnessed firsthand the consolidation of the grocery industry at the expense of an industry dominated by independent owners and operators that were blind sighted by the need to work together for the success of all. Unfortunately the independent operators did not see the value of working together cooperatively and ultimately lost market share to large corporate operators. Steve see’s the similarities of the grocery business o f1970’s and today’s self-storage business. Despite the real estate, technology will eat away at the margins of today’s operators. The decision must be made if the industry or opportunistic individuals from outside the industry will control the destiny of independent storage operators.

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Storage Pro

StoragePRO, Inc. is a boutique 3rd party property management and consulting firm specializing in self-storage properties. Clients include independent owners, international real estate firms and publically traded real-estate investment trusts. StoragePRO (formerly Mirabito, Mooney & Associates)  has specialized exclusively in self-storage property management, brokerage and consulting services since 1975 when Gerald Mooney & Roger Francis began the practice of self-storage consulting services. StoragePRO is based in Walnut Creek CA.


The associates of Storage PRO (formerly Mirabito, Mooney and Associates), have served the self storage industry since 1975, and are totally dedicated to the advancement of the Self Storage Industry. Storage PRO specializes in property management, acquisition, development, and consulting services.


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