Why Storelocal?

As a smaller operator in the industry RVSD has been faced with the specific challenges most operators have experienced in recent years. Operating expenses continue to rise, particularly marketing expenses and it has become more and more difficult to increase revenue. The added difficulty of competing with the REIT’s in marketing has forced RVSD to look for solutions to lessen the burden of these challenges. The concept of Storelocal is exactly what RVSD has needed. Joining together with other operators can give a company like RVSD the voice it needs in dealing with climbing vendor pricing in insurance, marketing aggregators, and operating software. The Storelocal community of members is also immensely beneficial for day to day operating. The community of owners shares insider tips, knowledge of storage markets and all other miscellaneous items amongst each other in hopes to help all companies grow. There really is no other community in this industry that compares to this co-op. It is a noncompetitive environment that drives issues based on the group as a whole. RVSD’s needs as an operator of five facilities are equal to those of another co-op member with 100 facilities. This system is a total rarity in this industry as the smaller operators voice seems to become more and more insignificant. As Storelocal continues to grow we expect our marketing costs to go down as well as become a prominent player in the self-storage industry through representation in Storelocal. There are no limitations on the mark that Storelocal can make on the self-storage industry and the benefits it will bestow on all of its members.

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RV Storage Depot

RV Storage Depot(RVSD) was formed in 1992 with the purpose of operating and managing RV and Boat storage facilities. We also operate as Ramser Development Company, a commercial real estate development firm, which was formed in 1986. Our storage locations are located in Northern and Southern California. RVSD has provided RV and Boat storage parking to thousands of customers during the last 20 years. RVSD provides a fully integrated platform that combines the best customer experience in the industry with clean and conveniently located facilities in Orange County and Sacramento counties. RVSD locations are equipped with many of today’s leading amenities including key-code gate access, self-parking, valet parking and indoor parking. While features will vary by facility, all of our facilities are staffed by courteous, knowledgeable and highly trained managers who are able to make decisions and are always willing to help new and existing customers.

RV Storage Depot currently has four facilities consisting of indoor and outdoor parking and self storage. We have approximately 2,000 customers occupying space at our facilities and will be expanding our platform in 2015 to include two new self storage facilities and two RV & Boat storage facilities.


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