Why Storelocal?

Family owned and operated since inception 34 years ago. The facility consists of 4 acres fully fenced, lighted, solid construction, personal code access control, state-of-the-art cameras, etc. The Storage Spaces were built over time as required by the needs of the community. We started with 5 buildings with a total of approximately 200 Storage Spaces. Every few years as the need arose, new buildings were added each with the latest in construction, design, materials and techniques. Now we have 10 buildings with approximately 744 Storage Spaces. The eleventh building will be completed late 2017. This will include the second apartment on the property. There are also designated spaces for RV, trailer, boat and other outside storage.

Our mission for the past three and a half decades has been to consistently exceed the expectations of our Self Storage customers. Here at Ramona Self Storage we are dedicated to improve your overall experience from start to finish.

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