Why Storelocal?

Keylock Storage is a premier storage facility and service provider that has been actively serving the Northwest for more than a decade. Family owned and operated, we believe that growth and development is essential and with that comes innovation. As the industry has grown more competitive, Keylock Storage has sought out innovative solutions that align with our long term vision. We believe that Storelocal is the perfect association structure for independent, midsize storage businesses to exceed in service and growth. Through minimizing costs for vendor related services and technological tools, sharing knowledge, and working together we believe we can continue to fulfill our goal of providing excellent service with premium quality within the storage industry.

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Keylock Storage

Keylock currently owns and operates 8 facilities across the Northwest with over 580,000 square feet. We are actively expanding current facilities, building new facilities and acquiring existing facilities across the Northwest. In 2015, Keylock began development on their first ground up facility in the Boise, Idaho area. Additionally, Keylock plans to purchase two more facilities in 2016.

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The solutions that bridge the gap will reduce our profit