Why Storelocal?

As a long time operator of self storage, the idea of our industry needing something similar to a co-op had come up multiple times in our weekly executive meetings; however we never had the time nor the resources to pursue such an enormous endeavor. When we first heard about the co-op, we knew it was something that aligned with our company’s long term strategy and would benefit our company, clients and partners greatly over the long term. As a member of the co-op, Platinum believes that together we can build a company that serves the long-term interests of its members and ensures the competitive viability of our properties moving into the future.

Storelocal brings together a diverse set of owners with unique expertise to tackle major issues facing owners today. As part of the co-op, Platinum’s problems can be heard and our team can contribute to a larger cause of creating long-term solutions for small to medium size operators looking to remain competitive into the foreseeable future. As owners, we feel confident that our interests are aligned with other operators in the co-op who are facing the same challenges; and we feel that now is better than ever to invest in our future as we believe the co-op will be a major driver of income growth at our sites in the future.

Our team knew that the growing costs of marketing and technology would eventually put us at a huge disadvantage to REITs and public companies in our sector. We believe that by partnering in the co-op, we are protecting our long term interests and ensuring our competitive viability moving into the future.

Platinum believes that Storelocal will change the way that our customers experience storage today. Eventually, we see Storelocal acting as an extension of our marketing and technology divisions and as one of the primary drivers of income growth at our properties.

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Platinum Storage Group

Platinum Storage Group, “Platinum” is a family owned, nationwide owner and operator of self-storage properties. Established in 2000 by Daniel “Skip” Elefante, a 30 year veteran of the self-storage industry, Platinum is currently ranked as a Top Operator by Mini Storage Messenger and sits as a member of the Larger Operators Council. Having managed and owned facilities in more than 20 states, Platinum now operates a scalable platform that allows it to acquire properties for its own portfolio as well as deliver turnkey property management solutions to third party owner-operators. Today, Platinum’s proven track record of spotting unique self-storage investments as well as overseeing and implementing successful plans to operationally reposition each facility has made Platinum a lucrative investment opportunity for capital partners looking for solid investments. Platinum Storage has taken concerted steps to evolve into an autonomous organization; capable of adapting to generational and market hurdles while maintaining the culture and core values that are at the foundation and heart of the company.


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