Why Storelocal?

As the self storage industry matures and condenses into fewer professional owners and managers, the competition intensifies. We all have to do more and do it better. Everyone seems to have a third party product for self storage, not least of all the aggregators. The online storage directories came and went because they never had the power or the reach of the aggregators. But aggregators are a mixed blessing. We joined the Storelocal because we would rather work with larger competitors whose goals are aligned with our own – providing reasonably priced leads to customers - than a third party vendor whose aim is dominate our industry, maximize the cost of leads, which will inevitably be passed onto to our customers.

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Golden State Storage

Golden State Storage is a division of Ojai Oil Company, which was formed in June 1900 to drill for oil in Ventura County. Golden State Storage came into being when a depleted oil filed in Santa Fe Springs, Los Angeles was developed for the “temporary use” of what was known then as mini-storage. The Santa Fe Springs store opened with a sister store in Gardena, Los Angeles in 1974. Golden State Storage is presently based in Camarillo, CA and has 13 facilities in its management group.

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