Why Storelocal?

Cubix Asset Management is an innovative boutique self-storage asset management company focused on the greater northern California market. For more than 30 years, principals of Cubix Asset Management have either built, developed, owned, operated, or managed over 300 self-storage facilities. We are more than a property management company. We provide an ownership perspective for all aspects of asset management. This means that we look out for the long-term profitability and stability of the business while balancing high-quality customer service with profit margins. In order to deliver outstanding customer service, we recruit and support great managers while being a positive force in local communities.

Storelocal is an organization that allows companies to bring the best qualities of a large and small business together. More specifically, the members as a group are able to pool their intellectual, financial and business resources to provide best-in-class operations, marketing and on-line tools, thereby allowing members to compete effectively with larger Self Storage REITs. In addition, members can retain valuable small business qualities such as; nimbleness, high-touch customer service, local ownership presence and community involvement. We believe this combination of attributes is foundational to long term success.

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