Why Storelocal?

American Classic Self Storage is a founding member of Storelocal. We enjoy being part of the process and the conference calls with the other founders have sparked the already igniting fire inside our marketing minds and entrepreneurial belly. We enjoy meeting passionate people in the industry and are in it to win it! Giving and receiving qualified referrals is very important. Let’s build an efficient self-storage experience.

Storelocal is a GREAT fit for American Classic, because we are a medium size operator with about a dozen properties. We manage our own online presence for all of the facilities and believe in team work and partnerships with other owner/operators. The internet landscape is changing, and we want to be in the right position. We are ready to listen, learn and engage. What drew us to Storelocal were the results, honesty , prtnerships and education. Through transparency, persistence, organization, follow through and keeping us in the loop Storelocal has exceeded our expectations and always listens, but we are definitely interested in the end product. We foresee a national referral system of small operators competing on the same front page as the big boys by building a true self storage knowledge web.

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American Classic Self Storage

Founded in 1981 and headquartered in Virginia Beach, Virginia, American Classic Self Storage (ACSS) is a privately owned real estate developer and purchaser of commercial property with primary focus on designing, building and managing self-storage facilities in Virginia. ACSS properties include locations in Williamsburg, Fredericksburg, Portsmouth, Hampton, Newport News, Virginia Beach and Chesapeake

ACSS enjoys serving our immediate community with self storage solutions. We have an active social media presence and serve one of the largest military populations in the world.  Moving is stressful and we provide a smooth transition by educating our customers. Our managers tend to stay with our company for 5 to 25 years. We are interested in SEO, new technology and growing referrals. We are open to expanding in Virginia.


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