Al Plamann

Alfred A. Plamann brings a wealth of cooperative experience to Storelocal and is responsible for guiding much of the co-op’s vision and strategy. He acts as a trusted advisor and is a member of the board of directors.

Mr. Plamann retired from his position as Chief Executive Officer of Unified Grocers in May of 2013. His past professional experience includes, but is not limited to, serving as President and Chief Executive Officer of Certified Grocers of California, Chairman of National Consumer Cooperative Bank and Chairman of the Twelfth District Economic Advisory Council of the Federal Reserve.

Mr. Plamann holds an MBA from the University of Pennsylvania and a BS in Accounting and Real Estate from the University of Colorado at Boulder. He sits on the Board of Visitors at the George L. Graziadio School of Business and Management at Pepperdine University and is the Director of the San Gabriel Valley Council of Boy Scouts of America.

When they aren’t traveling, Mr. Plamann and his wife enjoy spending time with their five grandchildren.

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Al Plamann

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