Why Storelocal?

Subsequent to the sale of All Seasons Storage, PFG Capital continued with the investment in and development of real estate – primarily apartments and self-storage. Currently, PFG Capital operates self-storage facilities in the Philadelphia and Harrisburg, PA suburbs.

In 2010 the Partners of the Company founded Storsmart Insurance Company, an insurance company specializing in self-storage tenant contents insurance.

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PFG Capital Storage Investments

PFG Capital is a partnership of individuals with decades of real estate, insurance, finance, accounting and entrepreneurial experience. Its history of real estate and business investment, development, and syndication dates back over 25 years to the mid-1980’s.

In 2000, PFG Capital purchased its first self-storage facility. The following year, the company formed All Seasons Storage Trust; a private Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT). Over the next five years, PFG Capital and All Seasons Storage acquired, expanded, and developed over 30 self-storage properties across six states with over 1.5 million square feet of storage. Then in 2006, as prices continued to rise to historic highs, PFG Capital sold the entire 30 property portfolio.


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