This live webinar addresses the concept of 'smart' self-storage using Storelocal's GDS-powered Tenant™ technology suite.The GDS (global distribution system) empowers future renters to buy when and where they want via social, search and application, and facilitates a seamless online experience. Both Lance and Travis have implemented the full range of Tenant™ technology and services at their newest facilities. Hear first-hand how Storelocal's Tenant™ will allow you to: 

  • Deploy smart automation technology
  • Enable unattended move-ins for your customers
  • Make more money
  • Increase your enterprise value 

Join us as we explore the role automation plays in our industry, including how simple it is to transform the way customers interact with your company.

What is GDS Technology?

A GDS — or Global Distribution System — takes information and distributes it across all necessary platforms.

How Tenant™ Works

Customers can search, find, transact, and move in, fully unattended. Tenant™ technology benefits storage owners by reducing manpower and boosting online presence via search engine rankings.

Customer Experience 

GDS-powered Tenant™ tools modernize the self-storage process with a single point of access to every facet of buying self-storage. This greatly improves customer interface, experience and access.

Lance Watkins | CEO

Lance Watkin’s track record for storage innovation includes partnerships with one of the largest public utility companies in the United States, production of a top rated reality television show and development of the world’s largest storage unit auction website. His ability to connect the dots online and offline makes him uniquely suited to act as Storelocal’s CEO. His responsibilities include development of strategic partnerships and the facilitation of new initiatives.

Kevin Kerr | Marketing Manager, Storage Commander

Kevin Kerr heads the Empower Software Technologies’ marketing department. He collaborates with internal and partnered sales and global marketing teams and manages relationships with external agencies. Through his experience in sales operations, brand management, web development, digital media and omni-channel marketing campaigns, Kevin has gained the ability to efficiently navigate projects from multiple perspectives and deliver unique solutions that exceed expected goals.

The Technology Gap

The solutions that bridge the gap will reduce our profit