Renting reimagined with streamlined self-storage technology

Efficient rentals

Tenant™ technology products streamline the rental process by capturing leads via GDS, allowing for online transactions on Storelocal’s marketing websites and creating a simple, collaborative workflow between tenants and managers at the storage facility.

Brand recognition

Whether you choose to take advantage of Storelocal’s brand licensing or operate under your existing brand, the Tenant™ technology suite will create a cohesive brand from mobile website to digital signage at your storage facility. This will create brand awareness and will make new customers feel instantly at home as soon as they step into your office.

Better search rankings

Is your self-storage business trapped on the third page of Google search results for facilities in your area? Local SEO and SEM marketing solutions are an important part of our Tenant™ platform. We have the necessary tools to help your storage facility rise in online search rankings and gain more referrals even in an oversaturated market.

Tenant™ was designed with self-storage operators and modern consumers in mind. We’ve developed our own GDS-powered technology and partnered with Janus International to offer our co-op members user-friendly digital solutions that create a better self-storage experience and increase revenue.

Interested in learning more about Tenant™?

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The Technology Gap

The solutions that bridge the gap will reduce our profit