Renting a storage unit should be easy, but choosing the right size can be tricky. We’ve answered this problem by partnering with Janus International Group to produce the self-storage industry’s finest size guides. These guides clearly communicate how many everyday items can fit into the unit sizes you will find at any self storage facility.


Our video library contains videos that will help your website convert more rentals and save your managers time. By helping renters see the value in renting online and purchasing insurance, Storelocal provides yet another conversion tool to make your operations more efficient and better your bottom line.


Make It Your

Our size guides are ready to go right out of the box, but we also provide a number of white label options our members can choose to customize them to their branding. Change colors, replace logos and even create your own voiceovers to communicate exactly what you want to renters.

Choosing the right self storage unit size can be difficult for many renters and is a key moment in the transaction process. To answer this seemingly simple, yet complex, question storelocal partnered with Janus International Group LLC to produce the self storage industry’s finest size guides. Shot on a professional sound stage by CastFam Incorporated, these size guides are available to co-op members to use on their own websites. A white-label option is also available and CastFam can apply your own branding in place of StorageFront’s. Companies currently renting units online have found as many as 40% fewer renters needing to change sizes when they arrive at the facility. These videos not only help more customers rent storage, they make storage facility operations more efficient.

Size guide videos including the StoreLocal watermark are $1,000 for StoreLocal members and $5,000 for non-members. Basic customization is only available for co-op members and begins at $3,000. This includes titling, scoring, branding and graphics. Customization beyond the basic level requires a scope of work. Interested parties can contact for details.

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