The hub that connects self storage operators with consumers

Reach Customers Where They Are

In today’s on-demand economy, customers want the ability to rent and reserve self-storage the moment they realize they need it. The GDS empowers future tenants to buy when and where they want via social, search and application. There’s no need to for them to navigate to another webpage; the GDS facilitates a seamless online experience.

Real Time Inventory

As tenants move in and out, your self-storage inventory fluctuates. The GDS stays current with your changing inventory, so that that 5x5 with climate control is able to be rented as soon as it's available. This helps customers find exactly what they want and it helps self-storage operators rent exactly what they have.

Facilitate Upsells

Why sell a storage unit when you can sell a storage unit and moving truck rentals, insurance, boxes, locks and labor? The GDS facilitates upsells by gently suggesting other storage and moving related products and services that you offer. The result? More income for your business.

The hospitality industry has long-relied on GDS to make it convenient and simple for customers to book online via social, search and application. Now it’s the self-storage industry’s turn to find out how powerful GDS can be when it comes to reaching customers, facilitating transactions and offering upsells. No matter where your potential tenants are online, GDS offers them up-to-date information on your self-storage inventory.

“GDS allows self-storage customers to rent, reserve and communicate in one place. It takes an empty storage unit and distributes it out to multiple audiences in an efficient, user-friendly way.”

Lance Watkins | CEO | Storelocal

The Technology Gap

The solutions that bridge the gap will reduce our profit