Better doors means a better storage facility

Security that matters

Not sure if your storage facility is lacking in security? Take a look at the doors to your storage units. If they’re cracked, dented or covered with several layers of paint, the answer is yes. All of that wear and tear means decreased security which could leave you vulnerable to burglary. Allowing Janus International to restore, rebuild and replace will make your storage facility safer and more trustworthy to tenants.

A modernized approach to self-storage

If your storage facility is several decades old, it can be hard to match the market value of that shiny, new storage facility that just opened across the street. Stay in the game with the most modern doors in the industry. Janus International offers everything from cloud-based lock systems to infrared sensors inside storage units to detect burglars before they have a chance.

Quick turnaround

Whether you’re restoring, rebuilding, replacing or all three, the last thing you want is to adversely affect your current customers in an effort to attract new ones. Fortunately, Janus International boasts fast installation times. In the time it takes to play 18 holes of golf, experts at Janus can swap 20 doors at your storage facility.

Storelocal is proud to partner with Janus International, the industry leading manufacturer of turnkey self-storage solutions. Janus International’s R3 is the latest dynamic offering that can increase your curb appeal, generate more rentals and reduce your liability, which will offer you tax and insurance benefits.


Interested in Janus International R3?

  • Take a look at your existing doors and note the ways in which they could be improved
  • Contact Janus International to learn more about becoming an R3 certified facility
  • Imagine doubling your monthly ROI

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The Technology Gap

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