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On-site rentals

The mobile manager is a first-ever application that can handle on-site transactions. Self-storage managers can easily show a storage unit to an interested customer and rent it on-site without going back to the office to fill out paperwork. The device allows customers to sign documents, swipe their credit cards and become tenants on the spot.


More efficient day-to-day operations

The phrase “work smarter, not harder” is popular for a reason. The mobile manager just might be the best self-storage related application of this philosophy. Managers can use it to collect data about the property including occupancy, maintenance requests and tenant bill pay status.

Increased automation

Whether you’re working towards creating an unmanned storage facility or you’d just like to free up your managers to focus on other tasks, the mobile manager can help you meet your goals. Whoever is using the mobile manager will have the functionality of the tool that allows them to manage the property. Every single detail will be inputted into GDS and synced to the facility website, mobile site and beyond.

The mobile manager is an IOS device and a native application that handles tenant transactions and behind the scenes tasks. This powerful tool fits in the palm of your hand and can be used to collect data and efficiently distribute the information as needed.

Interested in seeing what the mobile manager can do for your self-storage business?

  • Make a plan for incorporating on-site rentals into facility tours
  • Assess your automation goals
  • Brief your staff on adapting to new methods of self-storage technology

The Technology Gap

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