Storelocal branding for your facility

Lower marketing costs

Storage facilities that fall under the Storelocal branding will benefit from reduced marketing costs as a result of our national brand appeal. Independent self-storage operators will be backed by our powerful technology and marketing strategies without losing local appeal. Independent operators across the country will collectively benefit from positioning themselves beneath the Storelocal umbrella.

Control over content

Adopting the Storelocal brand licensing doesn’t mean sacrificing your position in the local economy. Operators will co-brand with Storelocal, use our technology and benefit from our marketing platform all while maintaining creative control over content strategy.

National branding, local appeal

Brand licensing is a simple way to ensure that your storage facility will have name recognition locally and nationally. Applying a national brand and all of the benefits that come with that label to a local storage facility that is helmed by a team that understands the community is a powerful combination.

In 2018, we launched an alpha project to bring the Storelocal brand to the storage facility. The idea is simple: lowered marketing costs, a universal system that allows for local customization and access to streamlined technology.

Interested in finding out how brand licensing can benefit you?

  • Assess your current marketing costs and ROI
  • Consider how better technology could make your business more efficient
  • Create a local content strategy

“In May of 2018 we opened a new storage facility that is branded Storelocal in Sacramento. We have realized a very high level of demand and the occupancy hit 33% in the first 3 months. We are aiming for 98% occupancy by the end of the year. We envision Storelocal becoming a national brand for our member facilities going forward. This brand licensing will allow our members to piggyback onto the marketing and branding of the Storelocal name.”

Scott Ramser | CEO | RV Storage Depot

The Technology Gap

The solutions that bridge the gap will reduce our profit