Access Control

Ease of access for self storage customers and managers

Storelocal has partnered with Janus International to give self-storage operators and customers more options. Self storage operators can choose to run a partially-staffed or entirely unmanned facility. Customers can choose the level of service or automation they prefer. Together, Storelocal and Janus International are giving more members of the self-storage industry an introduction to access control that goes beyond the gated entrance.


Spend less time dealing with collections

Your current routines for collections could be wasting valuable man hours. By harnessing the power of a smarter, more efficient collections system, especially one that features an SMS and voice notification platform, you can automate your past-due collection cycle and focus on other tasks.

Cloud Storage

VaultDrop helps you grow your business by offering even more value to your renters and prospective renters. For a small monthly fee, you can offer all of your tenants unlimited secure cloud storage to store all their precious photos and files from their smartphones and computers. This extra service will attract more renters, let you charge more, and make renters stay longer.


Better doors means a better storage facility

The door to a storage unit just might be the most important self-storage feature of all. Storelocal recognizes this, and that’s why we’ve partnered with Janus International. As the self-storage industry grows, doors must be modified to handle increased traffic and demands for increased quality. Janus International developed R3 (Restore, Rebuild, Replace) to modify outdated doors, rebuild doors to meet code and replace doors that just aren’t cutting it anymore.

Call Center

XPS Solutions exists to provide human resources that help you grow your business and compete with the REIT’s. They take the most valuable contact tools—phone, website live chat and emails—and make those features available to all Storelocal co-op members. This provides you with a competitive advantage over other operators. Catching the calls results in more rentals and happier tenants who stay longer.

Call Center Software

Miss fewer calls, gain more tenants

CallPotential is an award-winning communication and automation platform that uses multi-channel communication tools such as text, email, live and recorded calls set to automatically go out using your business rules. Whether you are sending past due rent reminders, or following up on your sales pipeline, activities are tracked and recorded in your property management software.

Fixed Cost Reduction

A closer look at your self storage bills

Fixed cost reduction reduces monthly expenses for storage facilities with multiple locations. Even better, it can do this without forcing you to change your vendors or reduce your service levels. 

Intelligence Platform

Radius is the self storage industry’s most comprehensive location intelligence platform. The technology is designed to help self storage investors make decisions that they can feel good about. Radius works by providing you with reliable, accurate information all in one place that allows you to analyze competitive pricing, feasibility, site selection and more through a comprehensive digitized platform that gives insight into site supply, pricing information, demographics, contact information and everything you need to make smart investments.

LED Lighting

Lighting that’s cost effective and energy efficient

What’s one overlooked yet crucial element that every good storage facility has? Great lighting. Customers feel more comfortable storing at facilities that are well lit. If you’re looking for an attractive, effective lighting solution that also happens to be less expensive and more green, look no further than LED lighting.

Painting Services

Better branding, better curb appeal

In a growing self-storage market, curb appeal and branding cannot be overlooked. This is why self-storage painting services can offer your facility more than just a fresh coat of paint. Whether you’re looking to spruce up the exterior of your self-storage office or opt for an entirely new color scheme on every single building at your facility, choosing a quality painting service can make your business stand out.


A simple, cost-effective cool roof alternative to the traditional re-roof process

Polo International is one of the largest and most well-respected cool roof, weatherproofing and industrial coatings companies in the country. Their primary focus, a silicone membrane cool roof coating, is a disruptive re-roof technology akin to putting a rain coat over your roof rather than tearing it off. This solution is perfect for value-conscious, knowledgeable and savvy self storage operators.

“We have done many, many self storage facilities across the country for less than half the cost of a traditional re-roof, with no disruption, and yet issued the same, if not longer and better warranties than a traditional re-roof.” -Jake Levin, VP of Business Development, Polo International

Self-Storage Auctions

Making self storage auctions simpler

Storage Wars fans look forward to self-storage auctions, but industry insiders know that the actual process involves a lot more work than the popular TV show lets on. Online storage auctions take the often-complicated auction process and simplify it so that the entire experience can take place in the digital realm. It’s more convenient for bidders and less work for self-storage operators.

Self-Storage IT Solutions

IT expertise for self storage operators

The right self-storage IT solution can free up operators to focus on the day-to-day business of running a successful self-storage facility. At Storelocal, we want to put self-storage operators in touch with world-class IT solutions that save you time and money.

Self-Storage Legal Services

Your self storage legal advisor

Not sure what to do about that abandoned unit? Concerned about liability over slips and falls during the icy winter season at your storage facility? You don’t need a law degree to run a self storage business; you just need trusted legal advice from professionals who specialize in laws that affect the industry.


Your self storage business’ signage is a powerful opportunity to define your brand and attract customers. BlinkSigns can help you do that by providing exterior and interior signs made to your specifications, shipped quickly and protected by a five-year warranty. Striving every day to stay true to their tagline “High Quality Signs, Faster,” BlinkSigns believes that whether you have a large number of facilities or one location, they have what you need to get your message across.

Solar Energy

Sunnect Solar’s main mission is to help commercial companies nationwide use clean energy while saving on their electricity bills. By offering custom solar systems to local and nationwide storage companies, Sunnect Solar aims to make paying for electricity a thing of the past for operators.

Storage Commander (PMS)

Self-storage software that works for you

Storelocal is excited to introduce co-op members to Storage Commander, a fresh, intuitive approach to self-storage management software. Storage Commander features a streamlined take on traditional property management software by offering both web-based and on-site options that give operators access to site-to-site management, pin and chip payments and uncompromised speed supported by the industry’s largest data network.

Self Storage Manager (PMS)

The software hub of your self storage operation

E-SoftSys’s Self Storage Manager (SSM) property management software helps your storage facility run smoothly. It facilitates necessary functions such as digital lease storage and customer data. SSM helps you stay on top of move-ins, move-outs, rent delinquencies, and all other essential operations that make a storage facility efficient and profitable.

Storelocal Brokerage

Sell or Buy with Conficence

Storelocal’s broker affiliates, Performance Self Storage Group and Lindsey Self Storage Group are dedicated to simple and profitable property sales. Storelocal members receive discounts on brokerage fee structures including 1% off quoted brokerage fees from competitors.

The Technology Gap

The solutions that bridge the gap will reduce our profit