Local SEO

Stand out in your local market

At Storelocal, we believe that there are multiple forms of digital marketing that tackle different aspects of the current industry landscape. Each type of digital marketing plays an important role in creating brand awareness and generating new business for your storage facility. When these marketing strategies are efficient, they’re powerful. One such example is local SEO.


Expertise on the complex world of SEM

There are several facets of SEO and they all deserve your attention as a self storage operator. One crucial component of developing your digital strategy is SEM. This refers to Search Engine Marketing, which encompases the paid search aspect of drawing more tenants to your storage facility through search ads and pay-per-click or call ads.

Marketing Website

Your digital rental center

Self-storage marketing websites are the first fully transactional web products in the industry that can handle every aspect of the consumer interface under one domain.

Brand Licensing

Storelocal branding for your facility

One of the unique challenges that local business owners face is brand awareness. Customers recognize national brands like Walmart, Home Depot and Macy’s, but they don’t always recognize local businesses. We don’t think that smaller self-storage operators should have to choose between national branding and independence. This is why our innovative brand licensing was created with the operator in mind.

Competition Pricing Data

Beat the competition by understanding your market

Success in the self-storage industry is often determined by a fundamental understanding of one’s market. So how exactly do you gain insight into what your key demographics want? The answer is competition pricing data. This tool provides you with important information on your market that will empower you to invest smarter, price correctly and adjust to the evolving self-storage landscape.

Digital Signage

Upscale signage that does more than look good

Our stunning digital signage creates a professional look that delivers clear, consistent messaging. Your storage facility will have an eye-catching platform that will incentivize upsells, encourage online reviews and offer local content that ties your business to the surrounding community.

Online Directory

Simplified, no-cost lead generations

The self-storage industry has come a long way since the days of the yellow pages. One shining example of this is Storelocal’s online directory. This modern equivalent of the yellow pages allows customers to find, reserve and book a storage unit at your facility at no cost to you.


The hub that connects self storage operators with consumers

The GDS (global distribution system) is an enterprise level API that distributes information on self-storage and facilitates transactions on rentals as well as upsells including moving supplies, insurance and more.

Mobile Manager

Your digital assistant

The mobile manager is an IOS device and a native application that handles tenant transactions and behind the scenes tasks. This powerful tool fits in the palm of your hand and can be used to collect data and efficiently distribute the information as needed.

Reputation Management

BirdEye is a reputation management company dedicated to monitoring online reviews and controlling customer feedback through software that fully integrates with your PMS. Their award-winning approach streamlines the process of requesting, reading and responding to reviews, which in turn drives your SEO value.

Tenant Interface

A manager assistant in digital form

The self-storage business model is simple—so why make it more complicated? The tenant interface is an approachable, easy-to-use platform that streamlines the rental process and guarantees a consistent experience for every customer.

The Technology Gap

The solutions that bridge the gap will reduce our profit