Cost Segregation

Accelerate depreciation and reduce the amount of taxes owed.

Cost segregation will help your self-storage business find additional deductions through renovations and write-offs including installed doors, AC units and roofs. Understanding the tax code can be confusing, but with tax experts on your side, you can navigate it and start utilizing deductions that will save you money.

Credit Card Processing

Lower processing rates and better customer service

You’d be hard pressed to find a storage facility in the United States that doesn’t accept credit cards. On average, facilities receive about 60% of their payments by card. This means the right credit card processing partner can really add to your bottom line.

Business Insurance

Universal Insurance Programs

Universal is here to help protect and insure your most valuable assets while providing the highest level of service.

Mortgage Brokerage

Understand the financing market and save money

Whether you’re looking to expand your self-storage empire or renovate an older facility that you recently acquired, you need the right financing. You don’t want just any mortgage broker; you want a firm with experience in the self-storage industry.



Your new human resources department

Imagine what your day-to-day operations would look like if the administrative side of your business was handled by someone else. Suddenly, you’d have the freedom to dedicate your time to improving your storage facility and focusing on your new and existing customers. A PEO (Professional Employer Organization) can handle time consuming functions such as payroll for you, all while allowing you to be in control of what really matters: your self-storage business.

Storage Banking

Banking relationships built with self storage in mind

As a self-storage operator, your business goals are achieved by forming partnerships with people who understand your vision. This means doing business with individuals who understand the self-storage industry, even if they come from another field. Nowhere is this more important than in your banking relationship. Whether you’re a self-storage industry veteran or you’re new to the game, you need a banking team that speaks your language.

Tenant Insurance

Protection for your tenants, increased revenue for your facility

Your valued tenants trust your storage facility with the safeguarding of their items. Providing tenant insurance is one important way to show them that you take that job seriously. Additionally, a positive experience with filing claims keeps customers happy and keeps your occupancy up.

The Technology Gap

The solutions that bridge the gap will reduce our profit