What are the principles and beliefs that brought Storelocal together?
  1. Together, we are better, stronger, and smarter than we are as individuals
  2. Independence and self-preservation.
  3. Care for the storage industry and its long-term sustainability
What is an Owner Share?

Each Owner Share represents membership of one store/facility in the co-op.

Do all my stores need to join the co-op?

The services offered by the co-op are designed to benefit all your facilities equally (e.g. collective bargaining prices) and therefore the expectation is that all your stores be included.

Is there a monthly charge for the services provided by the co-op?

Yes. We are always working to update our service offering. Please contact Bruce Heverly at bruce.heverly@storelocal.com for details. 

If I join the co-op, am I obligated to use your services exclusively?

No, Storelocal believes in freedom of choice, and that each operator should design his/her own product mix required to run a successful business.

What is a co-op?

co-operative ("co-op") is an autonomous association of persons or organizations who voluntarily cooperate for their mutual benefit

Is Storelocal a true Co-op?

Yes, co-operatives are businesses that are owned and managed by the people who use their services.

What is the purpose of a Co-op?

The purpose of the co-op is to enable members who share a vision to work together and reach economies of scale.

Does Storelocal have a mission statement?
What services are provided by the co-op?

Today, the co-op owns and operates a marketing company. The marketing company owns Storage Front, Storage Hounds, Storage Connection and has several key partnerships to enhance distribution of member inventory.

What services are planned for the future?

The co-op ‘s future services will be designed based on the collective needs of our members. Please seethis page for details

Does the co-op require real property ownership of my assets?

No transfer of interest is required to participate.

Do I know any of the 560 stores that are already in the co-op?

Most likely, you do! Here is a list of our current members:

  • A1 Self Storage
  • American Classic Self Storage
  • Golden State Storage
  • Metropolitan Investments
  • National Self Storage
  • Performance Self Storage Group
  • RV Storage Depot
  • San Diego Self Storage
  • Security Public Storage
  • Storage Direct
  • Storage Mart
  • Storage Outlet
  • Storage Pro Inc
  • Storage Solution
  • Strat Property Management
  • US Storage Centers
Is there a limit to the number of stores that can join the co-op?

Yes, we have set 5,000 as the optimal size to have economies of scale and still provide customized services to our members.

What are the next steps?

We encourage you to talk to one of our members. Ask them about their involvement, vision, and overall experience participating in the co-op.

Who do I talk to if I want to know more?

Please contact Natalie Bragg by phone at (949) 629-4142 or by e-mailing info@storelocal.com.

The Technology Gap

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